AI Chatbots for Banking

Conversational Banking

Financial services’ consumers range from end customers to the companies’ CXOs. Regardless of what they’re trying to do, everyone wants to get to the information that they are looking for as easily and quickly as possible. Rulai’s smart chatbots, powered by AI, deliver contextual information to the right person at the right time and through the right channel. Using these chatbots, financial institutions can provide ready access to relevant products and services for everything from checking, savings and brokerage accounts to loans, credit cards and mortgages. And, chatbots can deliver targeted offers based on conversations.

Siri for Banking

Rulai’s chatbots are able to access backend systems and to review vast amounts of information to provide detailed answers to questions. Using Rulai’s AI chatbots, customers can quickly access their accounts to review account balances, check statements, get information about loans, track trades and more.

Financial Crimes Detection and Protection

A potential victim of fraud wants a resolution as quickly as possible. Rulai’s AI chatbots quickly access all relevant systems to track down the source of the issue and expedite resolution. Related transactions are pinpointed then the appropriate remedial actions identified and started. In addition, conversations can be mined to zero in on potential fraud, including money laundering to comply with AML and other regulations.

Employee Productivity

With so many systems in use at financial institutions, it’s near impossible for employees to be proficient in all of them. This results in productivity losses as they search for information. Rulai’s AI chatbots streamline access to data across multiple systems by enabling conversational access. Employees can ask questions and quickly be provided with or routed to the information that they need. This improves not only productivity but customer service.

Pre-trained Intents for Banking Industries

Here are some selected examples of use cases that our language models can handle out-of-the-box:

  • Open Account
  • Close Account
  • Cancel Transaction
  • Cancel Credit Card
  • Lock Debit Card
  • Cancel Payment
  • Balance Inquiry
  • Charge Inquiry
  • Show Expenses
  • Service Questions
  • Mortgage Conditions
  • Download Bills

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