CX Success - How to Avoid Chatbot Pitfalls

For you to be personally relevant and be of value to your organization, you need to understand the landscape, manage the risk and take control for your chatbot knowledge and it’s performance.

In this guide, world-renown professor and researcher, Dr. Yi Zhang (Professor – UC Santa Cruz) helps you to organize your thoughts on chatbots and Artificial Intelligence.

You’ll learn about:

  • The 3 Generations of Chatbots
  • 4 Must Have Components of Chatbots
  • How to Accelerate the Customer Journey with Smart Chatbots
  • Creating an Accurate Desired Business Outcome

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CX Success – How to Avoid Chatbot Pitfalls

The development of this guide has been led by Dr. Yi Zhang, professor at the University of California at Santa Cruz. Dr. Zhang has worked with organizations like IBM, Alibaba, HP, Toyota, Ex Libris, and the University of Pittsburgh Medical Center on AI.

Dr. Zhang has also had research grants/awards from Google, Microsoft, Ebay, Yahoo, Nokia, NEC and National Science Foundation, US Department of Education on Artificial Intelligence.

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