Infographic - Launch A Successful Chatbot Program

Getting started is often the most difficult step in a chatbot program. The fear of false starts and missteps can easily cause you to pause.

If you are unsure, this infographic on launching a successful chatbot program is exactly what you need to gain confidence and move forward with gusto.

This infographic contains 9 critical and proven elements that guide and support your decisions and actions that lead to a successful chatbot program.

Implementing Artificial Intelligence chatbots in your organization is a scary proposition. Many organizations have failed with their chatbot program because of missing out on the information in this infographic.

You’ll learn about:

  • Selecting the right use case
  • Picking the right technology
  • Moving from chaos to confidence

Get your copy of the Launch A Succesful Chatbot Program Infographic now.

Launch A Successful Chatbot Program Infographic

The development of this inforgraphic has been led by Dr. Yi Zhang, professor at the University of California at Santa Cruz. Dr. Zhang has worked with organizations like IBM, Alibaba, HP, Toyota, Ex Libris, and the University of Pittsburgh Medical Center on AI.

Dr. Zhang has also had research grants/awards from Google, Microsoft, Ebay, Yahoo, Nokia, NEC and National Science Foundation, US Department of Education on Artificial Intelligence.

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