“Our success with Rulai has shown my team and my company what is possible and how quickly it can be done. With Rulai’s chatbots, we are going to continue to push the boundaries and add features that add value by increasing efficiency and productivity, which will help us to grow our business.”

Vice President of Digital at a large pharmaceutical company, Rulai customer

Automate manual workflows

Order status checking is one of the top use cases for chatbots across different industries and applications. It often takes people a number of clicks – and more than a minute – to get to the information that they need on a website. A chatbot reduces this time to seconds by streamlining access to backend data sources and automating lookups.

Omnichannel experience

Navigating an enterprise system from a mobile browser is usually difficult. A chatbot makes it simple to get fast access to information regardless of the channel. Rulai supports integration with a variety of interfaces, including PC web, mobile web, SMS, Skype and WhatsApp.

Fast deployment and iteration

Making changes to web pages that are used for data access is hard and time consuming. People have to fill out forms, get IT resources allocated, then navigate a complex deployment pipeline. With Rulai’s flexible chatbots, updates can be made and deployed quickly.


Using pre-built APIs, Rulai makes it fast and easy to integrate with major enterprise systems as well as other internal data sources, such as knowledge bases and FAQs, to get users the information that they need faster. Rulai chatbots are able to recognize the user and conduct personalized conversations based on a combination of the user’s profile and information pulled from backend systems.

Rulai Chatbots Drive Improved Efficiency and
Productivity at One of the World’s Largest
Pharmaceutical Companies

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“Enterprises must reimagine their operations, with automation and AI at the center of their strategy. AI enables automation to get faster and smarter over time and helps uncover new revenue streams and fundamentally transform operations.”


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