How to deploy personalized AI shopping assistants to increase
guided revenue by 2x

Wednesday November 11, 9a PT

Presenter: Yi Zhang, co-founder and CTO, Rulai Inc.

With online shopping becoming critical for retail success, retailers are increasing investment in technologies such as online marketing automation and personalization. Leading retailers are turning to AI to provide shoppers with a personalized guided online shopping experience, using AI shopping assistants to engage and acquire customers, and begin to create long-term relationships with them.

In this webinar, we will explain how a retailer can deploy personalized AI shopping assistants quickly within a week to demonstrate ROI, based on Rulai’s pre-built e-commerce solution package and a retailer’s public web site, without backend integration. The initial assistant can guide product selection, make product recommendations, handle frequently asked questions and tasks, and even answer infrequently asked service and product questions. We will also demonstrate how the virtual assistant can be customized for each retailer with Rulai’s powerful no-code design studio.

Find out how your business can try and benefit from this ready-made solution in this webinar hosted by Yi Zhang, co-founder and CTO of Rulai. Use cases for AI shopping assistants from several online retailers will also be presented.

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