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After reading this, please complete the form below.

Completing the form will allow us to get to know a little more about your business and what use cases you want your Rulai Chatbot to handle. By answering the following questions, we can get started right away with building your proof of concept (POC) and business case.

The information you provide will enable us to quickly build a chatbot that is customized to your business needs.

When adding use cases, please remember:

  • You can be as detailed or as brief as you like, but more detail means a more robust bot from the start
  • You can use the Upload button to attach files with dialog flows
  • If you have more than three use cases, please feel free to add them to the comments section along with any other comments or questions you may have

What to expect from training:

  • Most training sessions last up to one hour and can be recorded for future playback
  • During the initial training sessions, we will discuss your use cases and what is needed in order for the bot to accommodate them
  • Based on those discussions, we can determine how your bot will be designed and by whom
  • Depending on the bot’s scope and complexity, we may meet up to once per week over the next eight weeks
  • In addition to training sessions, we will be available to support you via email or phone

We look forward to working with you and building a bot that is production-ready within 60 days.