Banking and Investing made simple

The Road to Conversational Banking

Simpler onboarding

Rulai conversational agents help customers find the financial product that’s best for them and will guide them through the sign-up process. Smooth onboarding removes barriers to entry and increases conversion rates for the bank.

Proactive loss prevention

Rulai-powered virtual assistants quickly access relevant systems to track down the source of potential fraud and expedite a resolution. Rulai pinpoints related transactions and initiates the best remedial action. Conversations can be mined to detect and report suspicious activity to comply with AML and other regulations.

Self-serve and efficient account management

Rulai makes it easy for customers to find ATMs, check balances, review statements, track trades, confirm transactions, make payments, or do any of the things that would normally cause frustration. Happy customers make loyal customers.

Increased employee productivity and satisfaction

Rulai assistants interface with legacy banking systems to make it easy for employees to retrieve information and get things done. No more elaborate training sessions to learn outdated systems. Rulai automates workflows while interfacing with employees through natural language to help with onboarding, training, and customer support calls. 

Pre-trained Intents for Banking

Some of the use cases that our platform can handle out-of-the-box:

Dispute bill/charge
Get investment info
Make changes to plan/contract/account/order
Lock debit card
Pull up my account info
Open account
Report delivery issue
Cancel paymen
Report lost/stolen/damaged card
Request credit limit increase
Balance inquiry
Report suspicious charge
Close account
Reset password
Charge inquiry
Troubleshoot login
File a complaint
Transfer money
Show expenses
Request personal data
Get a refund
Cancel transaction
Service questions
Diagnose an issue
Learn about product specs/service details
Cancel credit card
Mortgage condtions
Get help with deposit
Dowload bills