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The Road to Conversational Banking

Simpler onboarding

We help customers navigate the 100s of products a bank has to offer and use conversational agents to identify the right product, guide the customer through the sign-up process and increase overall conversion rates for the bank.

Proactive loss prevention

A potential victim of fraud wants a resolution as quickly as possible. Rulai-powered AI virtual assistants quickly access all relevant systems to track down the source of the issue and expedite resolution. Related transactions are pinpointed then the appropriate remedial actions identified and started. In addition, conversations can be mined to zero in on potential fraud, including money laundering to comply with AML and other regulations.

Self-serve and efficient account management

We make it easy for customers to check balances, find ATMs, review statements, track trades, confirm credit card transactions, make payments or do any of the things that typically cause friction and frustration. Happier customers make for loyal customers.

Increased employee productivity (and satisfaction)

Rulai-powered virtual assistants interface with legacy banking systems to make it easy for employees to retrieve information or get stuff done. No need anymore for elaborate training sessions to teach employees how to use outdated systems. The bot can execute automated workflows, by stringing together multiple systems while interfacing with the employee through natural language. Bots can also be used to accelerate employee on-boarding and training, and assist in customer support calls.

Pre-trained Intents for Banking

Here are some selected examples of use cases that our language models can handle out-of-the-box:

Dispute bill/charge
Get investment info
Make changes to plan/contract/account/order
Lock debit card
Pull up my account info
Open account
Report delivery issue
Cancel paymen
Report lost/stolen/damaged card
Request credit limit increase
Balance inquiry
Report suspicious charge
Close account
Reset password
Charge inquiry
Troubleshoot login
File a complaint
Transfer money
Show expenses
Request personal data
Get a refund
Cancel transaction
Service questions
Diagnose an issue
Learn about product specs/service details
Cancel credit card
Mortgage condtions
Get help with deposit
Dowload bills

Key Features of Rulai’s Conversational Computing Platform


No more dumb bots.

Don’t make your human users suffer through a bot’s decision tree. Rulai’s platform provides advanced AI-based NLU and dialog management that can support mixed initiatives, context switching, multiple intents, and can construct a dialog in real-time wherever the user wants to take it. It’s time to stop bot confusion.
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Domain expert in control.

To greatly improve the customer experience, virtual assistants ought to be designed by people who deeply understand the use cases and turn them into great experiences with limited or no coding. Our design studio makes it extremely easy to build powerful AI virtual assistants.
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Launch and iterate quickly.

A child learns by doing. So does a bot. No successful bot is born brilliant; they evolve to become brilliant through fast iteration. Our platform makes it easy to identify missing intents, build out new flows, and iterate the bot to deliver on business KPIs, while providing seamless escalation and exception handling during the learning phase.
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Cognitive automation.

The most powerful bots do much more than handle FAQs; they get stuff done by automating workflows. That’s why Rulai’s platform uses a sophisticated action engine to interface with corporate systems like Salesforce, SAP, Oracle, etc. and automate complex tasks.


Built for Enterprise scale.

No IT team wants to deal with single-purpose bots proliferating across an organization. That’s why Rulai built a platform that can scale across use cases, while giving IT control over data, security, privacy, scalability, and overall platform governance.