Rulai for Retail and E-commerce

Meet your customer’s needs at every touchpoint

Rapid Shift to the Digital World

Retailers are moving deeper into digital channels to meet customer expectations. Consumers want the benefits of visiting your brick-and-mortar store from the comfort of their homes through online shopping. Rulai shopping assistants use natural language to greet customers, answer their questions, and help them find the right products. Draw on information from across channels to deliver an unrivaled digital shopping experience.


Answer customer questions

Hours of operation, stock availability, safety measures, promotions, contactless payment, delivery options — your customers have lots of questions. Rulai assistants can quickly handle these inquiries without interrupting your live agents.

Make online shopping seamless

Increase conversion rates and sales revenue with a personalized virtual shopping assistant who will guide customers through the product selection process — whether it’s selecting a tire to fit their car, clothing that matches their style, or electronics that meet their needs.

Personalize the customer journey

Email, text, web, phone, social, Whatsapp, WeChat, Alexa, Google Assistant — Rulai omnichannel virtual assistants deliver personalized engagement at every touchpoint to boost sales, marketing, and customer support.

Prepare for work-from-home customer support

Virtual agents can redirect requests from voice channels to messaging, assist human agents to increase their productivity, and manage contact center operations by reducing the burden on internal IT, HR, and Ops helpdesks.

Get your shopping assistants running within 30 days!

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Rulai for Retail Demo

Rulai’s SAFE solution makes it easy to create powerful virtual assistants.



Rulai’s virtual assistants don’t get confused when talking with customers. Our level-3 AI dialog manager can build multi-round conversations in real-time without writing a single line of code. Rulai is the only platform capable of automating customer service interactions at every tier.



Rulai’s RPA engine automates workflows and creates conversational dialogues with ease. With hundreds of built-in integrations and a powerful Javascript engine, connecting to your enterprise systems or RPA platforms is a breeze.



Rulai automatically identifies use cases, generates training data, acquires knowledge, streamlines workflows, and detects issues. Combined with our no-code design studio, companies can launch bots and improve them in a fraction of the time required by other bots.



Rulai-powered bots integrate seamlessly with voice and text-based apps, contact centers, agent desktops, backend fulfillment systems, and even other bots, providing a consistent experience at every customer touchpoint.