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COVID-19: Get ready for the ‘New Normal’ with Rulai

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Retail in a COVID-19 world

This upcoming holiday season will be one of the most consequential ones in many years, with the shift to e-commerce happening at an accelerated pace. Now is the time to prepare and use automation to create an exceptional customer experience.

Serve your customer’s information needs

From changing opening hours, to stock availability, safety measures, promotions, contactless payment, curb-side pickup and delivery options, your customers have lots of questions. Virtual agents can handle these questions efficiently without having to rely on human agents.

Make the online shopping experience more seamless

Increase conversion rates with a virtual shopping assistant who can guide customers through the product selection process, whether it’s selecting a tire to fit their car, a pair of glasses or beauty products that match their style, electronics that meet their needs, or food options that best suit their taste.

Engage and shop anywhere

More than ever, it’s important to meet your customers where they are, on Facebook Messenger, Whatsapp, WeChat, Alexa, Google Assistant, and give them the option to engage and purchase from within these channels. An omni-channel virtual assistant can guide the conversation and complete the transaction no matter where they are.

Prepare for work-from-home customer support

Virtual agents can redirect requests from voice channels to messaging, can assist agents and increase their productivity, and can help manage contact center operations by reducing the burden on internal IT, HR, and OPS helpdesks.

Key capabilities of Rulai-powered virtual assistants:

Rulai’s AI-infused SAFE solution approach makes creating powerful virtual assistants effortless and fast.



Rulai’s virtual assistants are incredibly smart. They can hold a conversation longer than anyone else, without getting confused. Rulai’s level 3 AI dialog manager can construct a multi-round conversation in real-time without writing a single line of code. It is the only platform capable of automating more than 70% of all customer service interactions.


Action Oriented

They are designed to take action. Rulai’s virtual assistants come with an RPA engine built-in to automate workflows and create conversational dialogues with ease. With 100s of built-in integrations and a powerful Javascript engine, connecting to enterprise systems or 3rd party RPA platforms is a breeze.



They are fast learners. Rulai has automated most of the critical bot implementation steps, including identifying use cases, generating training data, acquiring knowledge, automating workflows, and identifying gaps and issues. Combined with our no-code design studio, companies can launch bots and improve them in a fraction of the time required by others.



Finally, they have enormous potential. Rulai-powered bots integrate seamlessly with voice or text-based customer touch points, contact center providers, agent desktops, backend fulfillment systems, and even with other bots, providing a consistent experience across the customer journey.