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Coronavirus – Here’s how Rulai is helping

These are unprecedented times. I hope you, your family, and your colleagues are staying safe and […]

2019 Chatbot Predictions

There is a lot of excitement around the category of Conversational Computing, which is the ability […]

CES Chatbot Now Live!

“Where are the smart home products?”, “Where can I pick up my badge?”, “How do I […]

Why I’m joining Rulai as CEO

Today, I’m excited to announce that I’m joining Rulai as CEO. Rulai is one of the […]

Come Visit Us at CES

Holiday Greetings! I have great news to share with you. Rulai, a leading Enterprise Conversational Computing […]

Rulai Named a Cool Vendor in AI for Conversational Platforms by Gartner

Rulai today announced that it has been named a Cool Vendor based on the July 24, […]

Delivering an Effortless Chatbot Customer Experience

In their report, The State of Customer Service 2017, Incite Group found that delivering an effortless […]

The 3 Different Generations of Chatbot Technology

There are 3 different generations of chatbot technology found in contact centers, websites, or in an […]

Alert – Chatbots are not living up to promises

Chatbots are not living up to the promises that many people are expecting. And there’s five […]

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