Support Highly Complex Conversational Dialogs Out-of-the-box

Key Features

Natural Language Understanding   

  • Context awareness
  • Common conversational intents’ detection
  • Multi-intents understanding
  • Common NLU entities out-of-the-box
  • Synonyms and misspellings’ understanding
  • Change of mind’s detection
  • Zero-shot or few-shot learning for NLU with little to no training data
  • Custom deep learning NLU models with more training data 
  • Question answering from databases, unstructured and semi-structured documents
  • External knowledge base’s ingestion for NLU enhancement

Dialog Manager

  • Multi-task and context-switching management (MITIS)
  • Multi-intents and exceptions handling 
  • Answer extraction from articles or knowledge bases
  • Clarifying questioning
  • Collection of customer relevant information
  • Bots orchestration
  • Federation of knowledge sources
  • Seamless escalation to live agents
  • Process orchestration — human-assisted and non-assisted reactive/proactive processes. 
  • Suggestion of responses to live agents


Advanced NLP Features

  • Recommendation – AI assisted design
  • Support of complex multi-round queries in natural language for knowledge bases or data sources
  • Suggestion modes configuration
  • Co-reference resolution
  • Sentiment detection and analysis
  • Multi-language understanding

Drag & Drop VA Design Console

  • Business users can design customer Virtual Agents in drag-and-drop UI without coding
  • Responses to customer inquiries can be automated with natural and flexible conversations
  • Interactions can be seamlessly escalated to live agents with targeted and contextual routing
  • Updates can be deployed with one click

Use Cases Supported With Rulai’s Dialog Manager

LevelCharacteristicsExamplesRequired Technologies
answering engine
or search engine
2ndSimple linear/tree
Change address, menu-driven
+ Multi-round
Sales and
+ Advanced NLU
+ Advanced Dialog manager

Rulai’s Level-3 Virtual Agents can track conversations, keep context to support intelligent, conversational chatbots that decide what the next action should be, including asking user for more input or clarification, switching to a different task, taking an action. With NLU and the advanced dialog manager, Rulai Virtual Agents have the ability to handle mixed initiative and tasks and take actions based on inference.

Non-Linear Conversation

Non-linear conversation is crucial to making bots more impactful and more robust. Rulai supports this by enabling chatbots to do more than follow a single thread. With Rulai, if a customer asks an unrelated question, the Virtual Agent can respond then get back to the original conversation.

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