Chatbot Success Kit

Want to know what it takes to develop and launch a successful chatbot? Thanks to our award-winning team’s 200 years of combined experience and expertise, we’ve put together the ultimate success kit.

The future of chatbots in 2019

Chatbots are here to stay now and in the future. But before you run off to plan your Conversational Computing strategy, check out our top predictions for chatbots in 2019, so you can make sure you’re future-proofed today.

Chatbots in ‘real-life’ – a case study

Find out how one of the largest and fastest growing ride-hailing companies in the US used Rulai chatbots to automate and enhance their customer experience – and dramatically reduce operational costs at the same time.

A guide to enterprise chatbots

Virtual customer assistants aka chatbots are transforming customer experience and reducing operational costs. But what are these chatbots, how do they work, and more importantly, how can you get the most out of them for your organization?

How to avoid chatbot pitfalls

Customers expect frictionless engagement with businesses, thanks to rapidly changing technology and shifting communication preferences. It’s now or never to get on top of chatbot technology and avoid common pitfalls and confusion.

Top 10 Tips to a better CX chatbot

The chatbot that delivers exceptional customer experience will always win. Learn the secrets to developing a better chatbot with our Top 10 Tips – a practical insider’s guide that ensures you tick all the right customer experience boxes.

Case study: Chatbots for pharmaceuticals

Discover how one of the world’s largest pharmaceutical companies deployed a chatbot powered by Rulai in just three weeks – helping improve employee efficiency and productivity , with natural conversations.

Making the business case for AI chatbots in your enterprise

Could your company benefit from the improvements to customer experience, cost and efficiency provided by a chatbot? Find out in our guide to selecting use cases for chatbots.

Watch: Rulai chatbot for car rental

See how Rulai-powered chatbots can provide streamlined and conversational customer service in this snapshot of the chatbot in action for a car rental service.

Watch: A sample of smalltalk with Rulai

Just how natural is conversation with a Rulai-powered chatbot? Watch below and find out for yourself.

Watch: Updating your telco info with Rulai

In this short demo, see how easy it is for customers to update their telco info using the Rulai-powered chatbot.

Watch: Checking your telco service usage with Rulai

In this short demo, see how fast and easy it is for customers to check their telco service usage with the help of a Rulai-powered chatbot.

Watch: Rulai’s multi-tasking chatbot

Rulai-powered chatbots use natural language to have complex yet conversational interactions with customers. Known as the Mixed Tasks and Initiatives System, or MITIS, this helps our chatbots solve complex queries from customers. See it in action below.

Watch: Getting an auto insurance quote with Rulai

In this short demo, see how fast and easy it is for customers to get an auto insurance quote with a Rulai-powered chatbot.

Watch: Having a conversation about health care benefits with a Rulai-powered chatbot

Rulai-powered chatbots can quickly and easily provide detailed information to customers seeking information about your service. See how this chatbot provides healthcare information in an in-depth conversation in this short demo.

Watch: A multi-tasking conversation with a Rulai-powered financial services chatbot

Rulai-powered chatbots use the Mixed Tasks and Initiatives System, or MITIS, to have complex, yet natural conversations with customers. See how a Rulai-powered chatbot easily handles a multi-tasking financial services conversation below.

Watch: A multi-tasking conversation with a Rulai financial services chatbot (Short)

Watch this shortened version of a Rulai-powered chatbot’s natural conversation with a customer, handling complex, multi-tasking queries.

Watch: Enhancing the ecommerce customer experience with Rulai

See how a Rulai-powered chatbot can quickly provide conversational information on new offers, answer complex queries, check on orders and more, in this short ecommerce demo.