Top 10 Tips to a better CX chatbot

Learn the secrets behind developing a better customer experience chatbot with our Top 10 Tips

Chatbots are designed to automate human-centric processes in areas like customer service, sales, logistics and marketing.

But what makes one chatbot better than another?

A chatbot that is empathetic, intimate and has business know-how will always improve your customer’s experience.

How do you know if your chatbot is ticking all the right customer experience boxes?

At Rulai, we’ve pulled together a checklist based on our award-winning team’s 200 years of combined experience – so you can develop a better customer experience chatbot and get the return on investment you deserve.

In our free guide, you’ll learn how to improve your chatbot success including:

  • Practical, ‘insider’ secrets to optimize your chatbot at every stage – from development through to post-launch iteration
  • How to prepare and gather data including flowcharts, chat history and FAQs to define the scope of your bot
  • DOs and DON’Ts including the best length for your bot’s sentences and how to chunk out big pieces of information
  • The best ways to anticipate and connect with your end users so they get the best experience possible

Ready to get started? Start developing a killer chatbot customer experience today with our Top 10 Tips for a better chatbot.

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