AI Virtual Assistants to Automate Business Processes & Deliver Scalable Self Service with Omni-Channel Experience

Differentiated Enterprise-Level Conversational AI Automation Platform

Rulai’s foundational conversational virtual assistant framework consists of a messaging connector, a natural language processing engine, and a dialog manager that takes user intent and outputs a response. This dialog manager takes a highly-differentiated technological approach to robustly deal with complex and cumbersome conversations that are commonly encountered during customers’ journey.

Rulai’s architecture also differentiates itself by bringing in an Omni-channel Engagement Center and an AI Knowledge System with an expansive set of Adapters. Such architecture enables enterprises to rapidly consolidate and build off legacy systems, deploy at scale across customers and services, while maintaining a low improvements’ overhead.

This powerful backend seamlessly embeds into existing websites using Rulai’s native Conversational UI with just a single-line snippet, or integrates into apps, messaging and call systems with API calls.

Context Awareness

  • Conversational history
  • Behavior prediction
  • User preferences
  • User context
  • Second/third party data
  • Proactive conversations


  • Orchestration
  • Exceptions
  • Decision tree
  • Knowledge
  • Script generation
  • Business process automation

Rich Analytics

  • Macro & Micro level analytics
  • Problems detection
  • Improvements identification
  • Dashboards
  • Flow and Q&A triggered
  • Filtering and customization
  • Analytics APIs


  • Web
  • Phone
  • Email
  • SMS
  • Social media
  • Apps
  • Cross-channels memory


  • Workflow automation
  • Custom integration
  • Contact center, CRM
  • RPA
  • Bots orchestration
  • CMS, DB, Knowledge Graph

PaaS/SaaS/on premise

  • Support
  • Service
  • Security
  • Scalability
  • Data integrity

Rulai’s Platform


Rulai’s Differentiators and Benefits

Complex use cases in Service Management across IT, customers and IT, as well as sales interactions require flexible non-linear, multi-round conversations to deflect to a Virtual Assistant. Rulai’s MITIS™ (Mixed Initiatives and Tasks for Intelligent Services) technologies make it possible out-of-the-box.

Enterprises can utilize their existing knowledge such as manuals, websites, databases, and business processes to rapidly and accurately deploy Virtual Assistants on tailored use-cases thanks to Rulai’s AI Knowledge Module.

Often, companies’ knowledge is fragmented inside their organization. There may not even be consumable data for emerging business areas. Rulai’s AI enables cold-starts and improvements-as-we-go with an Ensemble Approach with unsupervised learning, transfer learning, active learning and deep learning technologies as well as proprietary data.

Rulai’s omni-channel engagement center, complemented by its domain and use-case specialized toolkits for optimal voice recognition and understanding, empower personalized customer journeys across channels.


Rulai embraces and enforces strict security standards to ensure enterprise-class information security compliance, including:

  • Encrypt data at rest and conduct regular recover-from-back-up tests
  • Certified with authoritative third-party (ISO 27001 agency) for penetration test and required remediation
  • Comprehensive security training required as part of the new employee onboarding process
  • Strict password and remote access enforcement to prevent malicious cyber attacks
  • Comprehensive information security classification to apply maximum control and protection of classified information
  • Full-system redundancy to minimize downtime and ensure quick recovery from major outage
  • Dedicated Information Security Officer to oversee and coordinate all information/data security related matters