AI Chatbot to Deliver Scalable Self Service with Omni-Channel Experience

An Enterprise-Level Total Solution

The basic chatbot framework consists of a messaging connector, natural language processing engine, and dialog manager that takes user intent and outputs a response.

As an enterprise-level total solution, Rulai architecture covers more advanced capabilities with the complexity and necessary sophistication for more advanced implementations required by enterprise customers who have high standards and strict requirements.

Context Awareness

  • Conversational history
  • Behavior prediction
  • User preferences
  • User context
  • Second/third party data
  • Proactive conversations


  • Orchestration
  • Exceptions
  • Decision tree
  • Knowledge
  • Script generation
  • Business process

Rich Analytics

  • Macro & Micro level analytics
  • Pinpoint problems
  • Propose improvements
  • Dashboard
  • Analytics APIs


  • Web
  • Phone
  • Email
  • SMS
  • Social media
  • App
  • Maintain state across channels


  • Automate workflow
  • Custom integration
  • Contact center, CRM
  • RPA
  • Multiple bots
  • CMS, DB, Knowledge Graph

PaaS/SaaS/on premise

  • Support
  • Service
  • Security
  • Scalability
  • Data integrity

The Rulai Platform


Benefits of Rulai VCAs or Chatbots

Domain experts can build and control AI chatbots without coding or AI expertise using Rulai’s patent-pending drag-and-drop AI chatbot design console.

Rulai’s AI virtual customer assistants (VCA) or chatbots support complex use cases (e.g., customer service, employee service, troubleshooting, sales and marketing tasks) that require flexible non-linear, multi-round conversation with MITIS™ (Mixed Initiatives and Tasks for Intelligent Services) technologies.

Enterprises can build AI chatbots without any data to cold start and let Rulai’s AI to help evolve, or with existing data using Rulai’s third-generation AI chatbot solution with unsupervised learning, transfer learning, active learning and deep learning technologies as well as proprietary data.

Rulai’s Patent-Pending AI Techniques

Deep Learning-Based NLU

Understand millions of ways in which users express their intention, with misspellings, synonyms, named entities, etc.

Adaptive Multi-Tasking

Rulai creates natural interactions by conducting multi-task and multi-round conversations with MITIS™ technology

Semi-Supervised Learning for Generating Knowledge

AI quickly launches the bot with historical data and automatically generates the bot model and structure for further tuning

Contextualized Escalation to Agents

Streamlined customer experience by consolidating the conversation and pinpoint routing to the right agent group


Getting Started With Rulai

  1. Pick one use case for initial deployment
  2. Assign a team member (a domain expert/designer) to work with Rulai
  3. Allocate an engineering resource for API integration, if needs to integrate with your existing CRM or other systems
  4. Identify key success metrics – e.g., resolution rate, response time, revenue, customer satisfaction score
  5. Target initial deployment (3-6 weeks)
  6. Perform multiple rounds of A/B testing for incremental improvements
  7. Expand use cases and add functionality over time


Rulai embraces and enforces strict security standards to ensure enterprise-class information security compliance, including:

  • Encrypt data at rest and conduct regular recover from back-up test
  • Certified with authoritative third-party (ISO 27001 agency) for penetration test and required remediation
  • Comprehensive security training required as part of the new employee onboarding process
  • Strict password and remote access enforcement to prevent malicious cyber attacks
  • Comprehensive information security classification to apply maximum control and protection of classified information
  • Full-system redundancy to minimize downtime and ensure quick recovery from major outage
  • Dedicated Information Security Officer to oversee and coordinate all information/data security related matters

Conversational UI

Rulai’s native/HTML in-app chat interface is easy to embed into existing websites, using just a single line snippet. A robust Dialog Manager supports highly complex, conversational dialog.

Rulai Integrates and Cooperates with other AI, Machine Learning and BI technologies