Bot Configuration & Deployment

Key features for configuring and deploying chatbots with Rulai.

  • Drag-and-drop task workflow editor to scalably and quickly design conversations
  • Flexibly and quickly redesign conversations and redeploy new designs
  • In-console JavaScript engine to write code in any place within the conversation workflow
  • Ready-to-be-deployed chat window UI that can be integrated with third-party APIs
  • A/B testing configurations
  • Testing tools to scalably test the performance of the bot – saved cases to run regression tests
  • Ability to manipulate and display personalized content conditional to data point values
  • Adaptive-learning system
  • AI-powered clustering to inform the you of issues and needed improvements
  • Version control for bot deployments with ability to rollback to previous versions
  • Role permission settings (e.g., read, write, admin roles)
  • Ability of leveraging common NLU entities or defining new custom entities for conversation flow design


Flexible JavaScript Cloud Engine

Using the JavaScript Cloud Engine, specialized functionality and business logic can be integrated into chatbot components that allows it to call an outside API. It can also be used to define complex action rules and modules where all the of conversation context information can be used. (e.g., collected information from users for execution). This extensibility allows for dynamic queries to support highly-sophisticated tasks.

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