Pre-Built APIs and JavaScript Cloud Engine for Easy Integration

Key Features

  • Seamlessly escalate to any live chat API from within the same chat window
  • Auto-fill form fields to create tickets in 3rd-party ticketing systems
  • Enable voice-to-text / text-to-speech functionality
  • Allow client app and Rulai to coordinate with a built-in custom payload feature
  • Transfer chat transcripts
  • Extract event-level data
  • Access analytics data

Rulai enables omni-channel experience with integrations including:

  • Conversational UI (Javascript snippet added into your website to enable chat)
  • Dialog API to develop your own UI
  • Chat channels such as Facebook Messenger, WeChat, SMS
  • Smart AI agents such as Amazon Alexa, Google Assistant
  • CRM to retrieve user data points or execute business tasks
  • Any third-party API, such as weather, calendar and more
  • Escalation to Email and ticketing platforms such as Zendesk
  • Escalation to live agent channels such as Salesforce Live Agent, Zendesk Chat, and InContact
  • Real time Analytics (events, metrics and chat transcripts) for monitoring or further analysis

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