Leading innovation in contact centers

Rulai enables rapid customer support scalability, improves UX, and maximizes operational efficiency.

Reduce friction as you increase sales

A top eyewear retailer set out to increase bot-assisted sales and improve automation. Rulai helped accelerate sales, enrich the customer experience, and reduce the overall call volume.

✓ 100% increase in assisted sales
✓ 23% increase in deflections
✓ 200+ FAQs in-bot at launch


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Automate and Integrate at Scale

A revenue delivery platform wanted to automate subscription cancellation and refund requests while increasing deflection and engagement. The company saved 72% on support costs with Rulai.

✓ 500+ hours of backlog resolved
✓ 75% deflection of customer tickets
✓ 93% CSAT rating


Create an unrivaled customer experience

A multination tire manufacturing company wanted to deliver best-in-class CX, multi-round conversations, and omnichannel support while deflecting live chat volume. Rulai delivered.

✓ 78% CSAT rating and increasing
✓ 50% of chat contacts deflected
✓ 3x faster resolutions than live agents


“We have reduced our Zendesk ticket volume by 69% and our bot resolution rate is over 80%.”

VP of a top ride-hailing company [Rulai customer]

Leverage user data with seamless integrations

Omnichannel integration makes Rulai virtual agents even more powerful as they leverage content from all user data sources. Integrations with pre-built APIs include a Conversational UI and a Dialog API to develop your own custom UI.

Take control of your virtual agent’s design

You shouldn’t have to be a technical wizard to build a virtual agent. Domain experts can build and control AI assistants without coding or AI expertise using Rulai’s drag-and-drop design console.

Enable more flexible conversations

Rulai’s AI chatbots support complex use cases (customer service, employee service, troubleshooting, sales, marketing tasks) that require flexible, non-linear, multi-round conversation.

Escalate to live agents with ease

Rulai offers the flexibility to seamlessly transfer the session to a live agent to either complete or validate compliance-specific transactions with persistence and context.


Turn hours of customer wait time into a smooth, 60-second interaction.

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“Chatbots and virtual assistants are gaining tremendous interest in the market. The ability to chat through text, or even talk using voice, with applications, services and brands is fueling a wave of innovation.”

Gartner Gartner predicts that by 2022, 20% of all customer service interactions will be completely handled by AI, an increase of 400% from 2018.