What makes Rulai the ultimate AI chatbot for CX?

Rulai’s multi-round conversational AI system leverages your internal data and is totally under your CX team’s control.

Personalize Chat with Your Data
Use information from internal sources to build your initial chatbot model — FAQs, emails, chat transcripts, tickets, CRM data, etc.

Quickly Deploy and Iterate Responses
Use Rulai’s Design Console’s drag-and-drop interface to create, manage and change unique conversational responses without coding.

Optimize Customer Experience with AI
Train deep learning and machine learning models, with customer data, to ensure that virtual agents answer customers’ inquiries cost-effectively, quickly and consistently.

Improve your business outcomes

Rulai enhances your operations behind the scenes, improving customer support and sales metrics across the board.

Streamline customer support
Deflect repetitive calls and live chat requests, as well as significantly reduce email volume.

Achieve first contact resolution
Empower customers to accomplish more through self-service.

Increase sales conversions
Purchasing guidance can be automated to increase self-service sales conversions.

See how our point-&-click user interface works

Type-in conversational responses for every situation. Configure responses with point-and-click functionality. Then, test and deploy all on your own.




  • Intelligent, accurate, human-like self-service option
  • Fast, accurate, always available answers, task completion
  • Seamless, contextual escalation to live support when desired
  • Greater self-service resolution as smart agents adaptively learn


  • Engage more customers with fewer resources
  • Efficiently handle explosive messaging and chat growth
  • Optimize Maximize highly skilled/high cost live agent spend
  • Increase brand loyalty, sales CSAT with better CX


Who We Are

Rulai is shaping the next wave of customer experience (CX) with an award-winning research team comprised of global leading experts in the field of machine learning and artificial intelligence. The company’s Interaction Design Console, a no code chatbot development tool for business users, is making groundbreaking contributions to AI development across natural language processing, deep learning, and personalized recommendation systems. Co-Founder, Professor Yi Zhang, holds the distinction of being part of the first team in the world to publish research on neural networks for language models working with dialog systems. Rulai, founded in 2016, is based in Campbell, California.

Contact Us

Rulai Intelligent Virtual Assistants for the Enterprise

Email: contact@rul.ai


1999 S Bascom Ave, Campbell, CA 95008.