A Solution Tailored to Solve Your Challenges

Optimizing sales, operations and service for your business with the cutting edge AI technologies.

Streamline customer support
Deflect repetitive calls and live chat requests, as well as significantly reduce email volume.

Achieve first contact resolution
Empower customers to accomplish more through self-service.

Increase sales conversions
Purchasing guidance can be automated to increase self-service sales conversions.

We Provide Pre-trained Language Models and Best Practices

  • Pre-built intents and training data
  • Workflows specifically tailored to your domain and vertical
  • Smart recommendations based on real conversation data

More Natural and Flexible Conversations

Rulai’s third-level chatbots can track conversations, keep context to decide what the next action should be, including asking user for more input or clarification, switching to a different task, taking an action etc.

Rulai Integrates withYour Existing Systems and Cloud Environment

A Guide to Enterprise Chatbots

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Who We Are

Rulai was founded on a simple, powerful idea – a low-code conversational platform that enables domain experts to take control with limited IT resource.

It is shaping the next wave of customer experience (CX) with an award-winning research team comprised of global leading experts in the field of machine learning and artificial intelligence. The company’s Interaction Design Console, a no code chatbot development tool for business users, is making groundbreaking contributions to AI development across natural language processing, deep learning, and personalized recommendation systems.

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Rulai Intelligent Virtual Assistants for the Enterprise

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1999 S Bascom Ave, Campbell, CA 95008.