Rulai M

Omni-Channel Virtual Assistant for Manufacturing

Guide customers through every stage of the product life cycle.

1. Discover

Explain the value of your products and use demos to showcase the benefits.

2. Buy

Walk customers through a guided tour and provide pricing information.


3. Use

Supplement your tours with helpful usage instructions informed by your existing content.

4. Maintain

Provide Support and Services to help customers train and troubleshoot.

Create Conversational Assets from your existing product information

Bot QA and flow assets can be automatically generated from existing technical product information, including:

✓ Flowcharts
✓ Tables
✓ URLs
✓ PDFs/DITA Manuals

Deploy a tech manual assistant within 30 days

Comprehensive Training

Trained on your technical content to support consumer self-service, assisted service, sales/service agent knowledge, and task assist. 

Constantly Learning

Systematically evaluates customer and employee understanding of published content to improve overall effectiveness.

Omni-channel Assistance

Support customers and employees across multiple channels in a wide range of sales and service processes.

 Benefits of Rulai VCAs or Chatbots

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