Rulai for Travel & Hospitality

Respond faster, present opportunities, and get your customers where they want to be. 


Implementing chatbots can actually assist hotel staff in maintaining quickly rendered, high-quality levels of service guests have come to expect, without losing the personal touch."

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Change Reservations

Research shows that 80% of customers that inquire about changing their reservations do not end up completing the change. Why? Because they’re usually stuck waiting in 30-minute queues. Rulai’s virtual assistants respond instantly with relevant information, resulting in shorter wait times and happier customers.

Recommend Packages

Rulai’s virtual assistants draw from all available data to tailor recommendations for promotions and packages that fit customer profiles, resulting in satisfied customers and increased revenue.

Customer Account Service

Rulai’s ability to access multiple internal systems enables its virtual assistants to automate most common tasks. These include resetting passwords and changing account information. This reduces the load on contact centers and expedites time to resolution for customer requests.

Rulai Airline Bot Demo