“Implementing chatbots can actually assist hotel staff in maintaining quickly rendered, high quality levels of service guests have come to expect, without losing the personal touch.”

Hospitality Technology
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Changing Reservations

Currently, customers are regularly placed in 30-minute queues change reservations. Research shows that 80% of customers that inquire about changing their reservations do not end up completing the change. Rulai’s AI chatbots deliver instant interactions and information access, which results in improved customer experience and saved time in the contact center.

Package Recommendations

Getting the right package in front of the right customer not only increases customer satisfaction, but also revenue. Rulai’s AI chatbots draw from all data available, on internal systems, to tailor recommendation for promotions and packages to customer’s profiles.

Customer Account Service

Because Rulai’s AI chatbots can access multiple internal systems, they are able to automate a number of common tasks. These include resetting passwords or changing account information. This reduces loads on contact centers and expedites time to resolution for customer requests.

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