Rulai Institute

Thought leadership and training from Rulai

Rulai Institute is the research and education division of Rulai Inc.

It provides research, insights, and educational programs to equip companies with the know-how to successfully deploy advanced virtual assistants. Rulai’s founding team has published over 400 research papers and filed over 80 patents in AI. Rulai Institute also offers courses and workshops to help companies implement best practices in conversational computing.

Online Asynchronous Training Courses

Asynchronous training with recorded lectures and homework

Conversational AI for Designers Certification Course

Cost: Free

Conversational AI for Developers Certification Course

Cost: Free


Course Descriptions

Conversational AI Designer Certification Course

40 Hours of Recorded Instruction
The Designer Certification Course will train a digital experience designer to design, develop, evaluate, and maintain service-oriented virtual agents using the Rulai platform. The course provides in-depth study in conversational design principles, requirements analysis, validation techniques, and Rulai’s development and analytics tools. Students will receive hands-on practice and on-demand 1-on-1 guidance to ensure they can put their new skills into practice.

Note: Students should be familiar with basic design concepts such as user-centered design, analytics and data-driven decisions, running experiments, and visual modeling.

Topics covered:
  • Understanding of VAs and problems they can solve: promise, expectation, and reality
  • Technology components, current strengths and limitations
  • How to discover needs and requirements for a VA
  • How to design for conversation
  • How to build, text, and improve chatbots
  • Experience building a chatbot with the Rulai platform

Conversational AI Developer Certification Course

30 Hours of Recorded Instruction
The Rulai Developer Training Course will train a developer to use the aspects of the Rulai platform which require programming experience so they can successfully support a conversational designer. The course provides in-depth study in the Rulai system architecture, integration with backend systems, omni-channel deployment, Rulai’s APIs, and analytics tools. The course combines classroom instruction and hands-on practice to ensure participants can put their new skills into practice.

Note: Attendees should be familiar with basic programming concepts such as APIs and data structures.

Topics covered:
  • Rulai architecture and console
  • Omni-channel integration
  • Analytics tagging and Analytics API
  • Node.js actions
  • Live agent escalation integration
  • Deployment
  • Backend integration
  • Dialog API
  • Accelerators and Agent Assist API