Rulai for Insurance & Healthcare

Conversational AI to guide customers every step of the way.

The Road to Conversational Insurance

Underwriting made easy

Issue instant quotes and handle policy conversations through a virtual assistant designed to respect social norms and carrier branding.

Simplify claim filing and payout

Let a virtual assistant handle claims with predictable characteristics, from registration to payout. For complex claims, deploy ‘whisper’ agents who guide complex-claim adjusters in their customer interactions.

Increased employee productivity and satisfaction

Most people don’t like filling out forms. Use virtual assistants for “form filling” tasks and submit to integrated back-ends or RPAs for verification, saving time for policyholders, brokers, and employees.

Efficient self-serve insurance policy management

Use virtual assistants as personalized shopping guides and robo-advisors to educate customers about available policy options for round-the-clock support across all channels. Provide precise recommendations and perform the next best action.

Proactive loss prevention

Through integration with IoT services, send loss-prevention alerts and notifications via natural language conversation. The virtual assistant can explain preventative actions or take action itself with the consent of the policyholder.

Conversational Insurance Demo

Pre-trained Intents for Insurance

Here are some of the use cases that our language models can handle out-of-the-box:

Get insurance quote
Request personal data
Make changes to plan/contract/account/order
Learn about product specs/service details
File claim
Request policy details