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Customer Experience Solutions

Take control of your customer support operations with the help of AI

1. Call deflection voice bot

Triage incoming calls and resolve as many as possible upfront, then deflect to another channel, call back, or escalate to a human agent if all else fails.

2. Rapid response online virtual agent

24/7 self-service with answers to most common and urgent questions.  Launch the response widget in a matter of hours with Rulai’s customizable chat widget and knowledge accelerator. Includes COVID-related questions with Rulai’s COVID-19 template, FAQs, and symptom checker.

3. Online personal concierge bot

Customers that are signed in get a personalized experience with Rulai’s concierge bot. Integrated with your CRM, it can kick off workflows that deal with post-sales support issues or guide customers to products or services that fit their needs.

Examples of typical questions:

Banking Insurance Retail Life Sciences & Health Travel Public Sector
Are you waiving any fees? Is my travel cancellation covered? What are your opening hours? Are you restricting visitors? Can I get a refund? When will schools reopen?
When can I visit the branch near me? Can I get a refund on my car insurance? Is it safe to come into the store? How are you protecting patients? What’s the status of my trip? Can I go to the beach?
Can I defer a loan payment? Is COVID-19 testing covered? What’s the status of my order? Can I get tested for COVID-19? Will I be quarantined after my flight? My husband has tested positive. What do I do?



Examples of typical actions:

Banking Insurance Retail Life Sciences & Health Travel Public Sector
I’d like to increase my credit limit. I’d like to change my policy to include COVID expenses. Please cancel my order. I’d like to schedule a doctor’s appointment. I’d like to cancel my trip. I’d like to apply for unemployment benefits.
I want to increase my mortgage. I’d like to submit a claim for my hospital visit. I want to change the delivery address from office to home. I feel sick. What do I do? I’d like to rebook my hotel. I’d like to change my DMV appointment.
I’d like to defer a payment. I’d like to get a life insurance quote. I’d like to return an item. Please sign me up for a clinical trial. I’d like to request an upgrade. I’d like to apply to become a contact tracer.

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Employee Experience Solutions

Ensure your employees feel safe and cared for with the help of AI

4. COVID-19 HR policy and emergency response bot

Help employees navigate process and policy changes related to COVID-19 without overwhelming your HR helpdesk. Provide helpful information on how to avoid becoming sick based on information from trusted sources, with a simple, built-in reporting tool that automatically kicks off the right internal workflow or escalation.

5. COVID-19 enterprise contact tracing assistant bot

Companies need to deploy contact tracing to quickly identify infections within the company and stop the virus in its tracks. A bot can help train contact tracing agents, monitor their work, and guide them with the right standard operating procedures, answers to employee questions, and the recommended next best actions.

6. Work-from-home helpdesk bot

Employees working from home need help setting up the right IT infrastructure, including VPNs and video conferencing capabilities. An IT Helpdesk bot can guide a remote employee through the setup process and provide ongoing assistance with common requests like password resets. The bot can escalate to an IT Helpdesk agent when necessary.

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Agent Experience Solutions

Guide your agents through changes with the help of AI

7. Micro-training virtual tutor

Leverage AI to simulate customer interactions and learn new procedures. A virtual tutor reduces the number of trainers required, enables training of more complex inquiries, and improves associate confidence. Virtual tutors will accelerate training by as much as 50% while improving the overall quality of service.

8. @Home whisper agent

Associates working from home don’t have the same support structure they once had and have to learn a lot of new procedures. Pair them up with a virtual assistant who will guide them in real-time. The bot navigates backend systems for the most relevant answers or the next best actions. This improves the consistency of answers, reduces average handle time, and minimizes escalations.

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Citizen Experience Solutions

Give contact tracers the tools they need with the help of AI

9. Citizen symptom checker

Rulai’s symptom checker is an easy-to-use, digital tool that helps citizens get important information about COVID-19, assess their health symptoms, and guides them to the most appropriate help channels. The symptom checker can be designed to escalate to a human helper or contact tracer if certain conditions are met.

10. Contact tracer virtual tutor

Use virtual tutors to train a contact tracer on the most common use cases and then test their knowledge. The bot can roleplay, administer tests, and report scores with feedback. Virtual tutors can speed up learning and on-boarding by as much as 50%.

11. Contact tracer virtual assistant

Use virtual assistants to monitor conversations between citizens and contact tracers. Guide tracers in real-time with information, standard operating procedures, next best actions, and follow-up procedures. Agent-assist bots can increase productivity by 20% and improve the overall quality and consistency of the service provided.

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Rapid response teams are ready to help

Our professional services teams and partners are ready to help you respond to the COVID-19 crisis.

Rulai’s SAFE solution makes it easy to create powerful virtual assistants



Rulai’s virtual assistants don’t get confused when talking with customers. Our level-3 AI dialog manager can build multi-round conversations in real-time without writing a single line of code. Rulai is the only platform capable of automating customer service interactions at every tier.



Rulai’s RPA engine automates workflows and creates conversational dialogues with ease. With hundreds of built-in integrations and a powerful Javascript engine, connecting to your enterprise systems or RPA platforms is a breeze.



Rulai automatically identifies use cases, generates training data, acquires knowledge, streamlines workflows, and detects issues. Combined with our no-code design studio, companies can launch bots and improve them in a fraction of the time required by other bots.



Rulai-powered bots integrate seamlessly with voice and text-based apps, contact centers, agent desktops, backend fulfillment systems, and even other bots, providing a consistent experience at every customer touchpoint.

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