"Supply-chain management is the key function that could benefit from AI deployment… [including] improve forecasting accuracy by 10 to 20 percent, which translates into a potential five percent reduction in inventory costs and revenue increases of two to three percent."

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“Our success with Rulai has shown my team and my company what is possible and how quickly it can be done. With Rulai’s chatbots, we are going to continue to push the boundaries and add features that add value by increasing efficiency and productivity, which will help us to grow our business.”

The Vice President of Digital at one of the largest pharmaceutical companies in the world

Order Status Checking

Order status checking is one of the top use cases across many industries and applications. However, it often takes customers, suppliers and shippers a number of clicks, often more than a minute, to track orders down to the item level. A chatbot could reduce this time to seconds by streamlining access to backend data sources and automating lookups.

Inventory Visibility and Management

With access to contextual chat sessions and multiple backend systems, AI chatbots provide a unique view into inventory. This paired with customer and supplier preferences can help drive inventory optimization with a holistic view that can take into account predictive analytics.

Customer Insights

Integrated with backend systems, AI chatbots can augment the sales process of account managers in the pharma chain. The account manager can make queries through natural language and the bot would present the relevant KPIs, such as orders (quantity and value), customer account activity, and account manager quotas.

Finance and Procurement

AI chatbots, armed with data from CRM and other systems can streamline the procurement process by expediting time to resolution and reducing errors. With conversational capabilities and tight integration with other systems, AI chatbots can answer questions and address issues related to orders, returns, invoicing and more.

Rulai Chatbots Drive Improved Efficiency and
Productivity at One of the World’s Largest
Pharmaceutical Companies

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“Enterprises must reimagine their operations, with automation and AI at the center of their strategy. AI enables automation to get faster and smarter over time and helps uncover new revenue streams and fundamentally transform operations.”


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