CES Chatbot Now Live!

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“Where are the smart home products?”, “Where can I pick up my badge?”, “How do I get to Sands Expo?”, “Where is Samsung’s booth?”, “Find me an Italian restaurant near Aria.”, “What parties are going on tonight?”. With over 5,000 companies exhibiting, spread over 2.7 million square feet, CES can be a completely overwhelming experience, and finding answers to simple questions is not easy.

That’s why we decided to create a CES bot, built on our conversational computing platform. Rulai’s CES bot is here to help attendees easily navigate CES so they can focus on getting stuff done and having fun. You can try the CES bot at ces.rul.ai.

The bot makes it quick for newcomers to get tips, such as registration and badge pickup, as well as help veterans find out exactly which exhibit halls to visit for the latest gadgets they want, and which shuttles to get to where they need to be.

You can chat with the bot using your own words, rather than commands, to find out more about CES services, get maps, locate product marketplaces, find the companies you’re interested in, explore conference events across 38 conference tracks, and get recommendations on restaurants.

Rulai uses AI-backed natural language understanding, meaning you could ask questions in any number of ways, so many that it’s impossible to pre-program them all, and the bot would still understand, like “Help me find smart home devices” or “Can you direct me to smart home tech”. You can also ask it multiple things at once, such as “What time does CES open? Can I bring a guest?”, and it can respond to both.

The CES bot can multi-task, allowing for complex, non-linear conversations that still use the bot designer’s easy-to-build flows. For instance, you can request a demo from Rulai, which will allow you to set up a meeting time. In the middle of this request, perhaps you want to find out where the Rulai booth is located, ask about shuttle routes, or check the program schedule for conflicts before you choose a time. The bot can help you with all of that and continues where you left off.

The CES bot is built on Rulai’s advanced conversational computing platform that uses pre-trained deep AI to facilitate conversations between companies and consumers. With Rulai’s platform, which requires very little training data, bot designers are able to focus on the conversational experience, spending time on the bot content and functionality, rather than worrying about training. The entire CES bot experience was built from the ground up in less than 3 weeks time, with only access to publicly available information. Our bot designer can edit the bot on the fly and was able to run 5 rounds of iteration (user testing and improvements) on the CES bot in the last 5 days. The bot will continue to learn as the conference progresses.

Rulai is at CES in the “buzzworthy” Eureka Park area (booth #52923). Come by to see how to teach a bot to have a conversation about your company. With very little IT support, you can teach it to be your mascot, your support agent, your sales representative, your retail specialist, or whatever else you need.

Try the CES bot at ces.rul.ai. No registration needed. No app needed. It should be easy to find the information you need. We hope the bot will make your CES experience a bit more frictionless.

Have a great CES!

About Rulai:

Rulai is a new Enterprise Conversational Computing Platform provider. Rooted in academia, the founding team has a combined 200 years experience in AI research, published over 400 research papers and filed over 80 patents in advanced AI-based dialog management. Its SaaS platform enables companies to build automated chatbots for customer service, marketing, sales, logistics, and HR use cases and has been deployed across a wide variety of industries. Rulai-based bots help companies automate many human-centric processes to create a fast and frictionless experience for employees and customers. Its self-serve platform allows business users to create and evolve bots with minimal use of precious IT resources. Rulai was recently recognized by GartnerForrester, and Bloomberg. For additional information, visit www.rul.ai