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Coronavirus – 5 immediate actions to reduce contact center overload

Yesterday I was talking with Henry Truong, our VP of Enterprise Solutions, about the current challenges […]

Coronavirus – Here’s how Rulai is helping

These are unprecedented times. I hope you, your family, and your colleagues are staying safe and […]

Delivering an Effortless Chatbot Customer Experience

In their report, The State of Customer Service 2017, Incite Group found that delivering an effortless […]

The 3 Different Generations of Chatbot Technology

There are 3 different generations of chatbot technology found in contact centers, websites, or in an […]

Rulai adds domain expertise in CX and Contact Centers

Rulai, Inc. the only provider of a 3rd Generation chatbot solution that gives customer experience designers a simple […]

[Video] Will AI Chatbots Replace Contact Center Agents?

Right now there’s a lot of media hype about AI chatbots. If you believe everything you […]