Rulai adds domain expertise in CX and Contact Centers

Rulai, Inc. the only provider of a 3rd Generation chatbot solution that gives customer experience designers a simple drag and drop, no-code design via its AI Chatbot Design Console for business users announced that Jim Rembach, CX Expert Emeritus, Customer Experience Professionals Association (CXPA), host of Fast Leader Show Podcast, and Contact Center expert with CCW Digital, ICMI, and Board Chair with Call Center Coach will lead Rulai’s Marketing and Customer Experience efforts.

For more than 20 years, Rembach has been known throughout the contact center industry for providing enterprises with contact center customer experience insight and strategic guidance to impact each touch point along the customer journey.

“After deeply looking at the future needs of the industry and determining that a human strategy and a bot strategy must be synergistic, I set out to find the companies that will lead the industry in delivering value to companies and consumers.” said Rembach. “In Rulai I found, deep domain expertise, a no-brainer pricing model, a solution that can be placed in the hands of the business users allowing organizations to avoid being handcuffed by huge professional service contracts and licensing – they were my no-brainer.”

“Rembach is a tremendous gain to our team of domain experts. We have great AI deep learning, natural language processing, dialog management, linguistic, and cloud computing experts, , and now we have a great contact center and customer experience expert,” said Roger Jin, CEO, Rulai. “We are proud to offer our customers and future customers an unmatched product and customer experience that rapidly accelerates their desired business outcomes.”

Rulai, Inc., headquartered in Campbell, California, is disrupting the artificial intelligence chatbot for customer experience technology landscape. Their no startup fee, no license fee, pay-for-performance model to build 3rd Generation chatbots is unmatched. Their award-winning research team is comprised of global leading experts in the field of machine learning and artificial intelligence. The company’s Interaction Design Console, is a no code chatbot development tool for business users that makes it simple to development across natural language processing, deep learning, and personalized recommendation systems. Co-Founder, Dr. Yi Zhang, Professor at the University of California Santa Cruz holds the distinction of being part of the first team in the world to publish research on neural networks for language models when working with dialog systems and search engines in late 90s.

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