[Video] Will AI Chatbots Replace Contact Center Agents?

Right now there’s a lot of media hype about AI chatbots. If you believe everything you read, you might start worrying that chatbots will eventually lead to contact center extinction.

Recently, one of Rulai’s founders, Roger Jin, met with Alex Black, CTO of Enghouse Interactive, at Contact Center Expo. There, they had an enlightening conversation about why chatbots are on the rise, and why they aren’t poised to eliminate contact centers—just make them better. The key is implementing no-code chatbots to keep costs low and backend control high.

Watch this video to hear about the future of contact centers, and how to make AI chatbots that are “contact center smart.”




There’s a great opportunity in the contact center industry right now. You can use AI chatbots to not only improve the customer experience but also your bottom line.