Aragon Research Selects Rulai as a “Hot Vendor in AI Chatbots”

AI chatbots are poised to rapidly expand across the enterprise. Their importance to the enterprise cannot be overstated.

That’s why Aragon Research recently delved deep into the AI chatbot industry to select the vendors that will transform the relationship between the enterprise and its customers. We’re pleased to announce that Rulai was one of only four vendors Aragon chose to showcase, proving how valuable Rulai is for the enterprise.

Why Rulai matters for the enterprise

Today, enterprise level AI chatbots can intelligently perform complex tasks and solve real customer problems. Moreover, they enable employees to become significantly more effective. However, until now, developing these chatbots has required significant CapEx. Old school, rules based chatbots require a massive investment because programmers must manually code them on the backend.

Rulai has changed all that. Our innovative technology enables business users to configure their AI chatbots with a point-and-click Design Console. Our Design Console enables business users the ability to create customized workflows using their domain expertise and customer data utilizing over 1,000 pre-defined entity types, as well as customer-defined entities. It’s a highly intuitive method for creating powerful AI chatbots that are built and managed in real-time.

Rulai’s founders have deep academic roots in the fields of Deep Learning, Natural Language Understanding and Dialog Management. As a result, our AI chatbot technology is designed to learn adaptively. Basically, its ML algorithms ensure that it gets smarter the longer it’s in place, the more end user and escalated live agent interactions it observes.

Evaluate Rulai for yourself

Rulai’s AI technology is so good that it enhances the enterprise in every interaction. Check out Rulai if you’re looking to improve your customer experience with an adaptive natural language interface that features extensive reporting and monitoring tools.

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