Bloomberg’s 50 Most Promising Startups You’ve Never Heard Of (Spoiler: Rulai Nabbed the AI Bot Slot…)

Who doesn’t love a list?  And in Silicon Valley, we especially love lists that highlight the newest and the hottest tech.


So a few days ago when Bloomberg put out its list with the above title, we were pretty honored to be included–especially in the red hot area of Artificial Intelligence.

Lets face it – there are a lot of startups in these areas. All told, the report looked at more than 50,000 companies and narrowed them down to a mere 50 (!).

(Previous Valley companies that’ve made Bloomberg’s list include Cloudera, Palantir, Evernote, Twitch and Spotify.)

What makes a startup “hot”?

Bloomberg’s very specific about why some companies make the “hot” list. It doesn’t pretend to rate product quality or market size.  Rather, it looks at VC investment dollars and how much time there is between investment rounds. That’s not a bad approach. VCs invest thousands of man hours assessing both a technology’s potential, as well as its odds of success in a given market.

Here are some other factors that Bloomberg assesses: Have the founders worked together before? Is the company in a hot sector? How fast has it raised funding?

The biggest reason Rulai is a leader in AI

We know that it takes more than great technology, a management team with a pedigree, and numerous funding rounds to make an impact. Above all, being a tech leader is really about serving customers’s needs and making a difference. That’s why we’ve built our product – an intelligent system for enhancing the customer experience – around our customers’ real world objectives like improving customer satisfaction ratings and improving the customer experience.

We’ve been getting a lot of attention from this list – which is great.  But our biggest reward from all this publicity? Getting noticed by hardworking CX managers and their team members who are looking for the best way to serve their customers and make their employees’ jobs even more satisfying.

Want to learn more about Rulai’s approach to AI and improving customer satisfaction?

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