[Video] What’s Included in the Enterprise’s Ultimate CX Chatbot?

The interplay of AI with the specific domain expertise of humans is a critical component of unleashing the full potential of CX chatbots to perform first contact resolution across the full spectrum of a company’s customer support use cases.

Right now, the team at Rulai is publicly demonstrating our new Interaction & Design Management Console. It’s exciting because it’s really a breakthrough product that empowers customer experience (CX) managers to take control of their very own branded virtual customer assistance, imparting their domain expertise directly into each use case task creation and dialogue workflow.

We’ve created a video that captures some of the highlights of this powerful tool. Check it out to see our user interface (UI) in action!

The UI that allow you to configure and manage your bot!

Using our highly intuitive UI, CX managers can easily create, test, and deploy customized dialogues from start to finish. It’s a structured bot development process that safely transitions approved conversations from pre-production to production, without the need for any coding or programming skills.

Using Rulai’s drag-and-drop functionality, CX managers can move task modules into place. From there, they can configure their desired dialogue workflows with just a few clicks in the console. Completed dialogues can be repeatedly tested and updated, and then deployed to production.

According to Roger Jin, Rulai’s co-founder and CEO, this latest tool offers incredible benefits to CX teams:

“Virtual assistance has become an essential strategic component of CX, yet not all organizations have either the engineering resources or knowledge of AI necessary to address the rapidly evolving needs of their CX teams. Rulai’s new console allows dialogue to be managed using simple configurations without exposing the complex and powerful underlying natural language processing and machine learning framework. This frees up CX teams to focus on what they do best: creating a superior customer experience, one that now leverages always on virtual assistance.”

Control your brand – no coding required

Rulai’s intelligent virtual assistants empower brands to handle more customer engagement faster and better with fewer resources.

These new “smart” agents can actually simulate human conversations via text or chat because they understand question intent. They ask follow-up questions, deliver accurate answers, and complete tasks in a human-like conversational style.

Rulai’s Interaction & Design Management Console features a Service Manager module, which can integrate with the enterprise’s internal systems. As a result, it ensures ongoing engineering development projects can be incorporated into the virtual assistant’s repertoire. This enables organizations to retain complete transparency and control. It also provides them with the flexibility to build relevant components as needed.

With the Interaction & Design Management Console, Rulai is shifting the CX leader’s decision-making process from “buy vs. build” to “partner and build.”

Designed by AI experts

Rulai’s technology is backed by years of award-winning research in a range of AI topics, including: natural language understanding, deep learning platforms, personalized recommendation, and multi-modal user interaction systems. The team holds the distinction of being first in the world to publish research on neural networks for language models working with dialogue systems (2000, ICSLP).

Rulai’s roster of AI experts have previously developed applications at companies like Facebook, Alibaba, Microsoft, Baidu and Toyota. The company was recently named one of Bloomberg Business’s 50 Most Promising Startups You’ve Never Heard Of; out of a total 50,000 researched, one of only 3 AI companies and the only one focused on Enterprise Virtual Customer Assistance.

Meet us at ICMI!

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For those not attending the show, you can schedule a demo. Or, to learn how far chat has evolved, download our new eBook “Chatbots That ‘Talk’ to Your Customers”.