What makes Rulai unique?

5 reasons to choose Rulai’s Conversational AI platform:

1. No more dumb bots.

Don’t make your human users suffer through a bot’s decision tree. Rulai’s platform provides advanced AI-based NLU and dialog management that can support mixed initiatives, context switching, multiple intents, and can construct a dialog in real-time wherever the user wants to take it. It’s time to stop bot confusion. Learn more.

2. Domain expert in control.

To greatly improve the customer experience, virtual assistants ought to be designed by people who deeply understand the use cases and turn them into great experiences with limited or no coding. Our design studio makes it extremely easy to build powerful AI virtual assistants. Learn more.

3. Launch and iterate quickly.

A child learns by doing. So does a bot. No successful bot is born brilliant; they evolve to become brilliant through fast iteration. Our platform makes it easy to identify missing intents, build out new flows, and iterate the bot to deliver on business KPIs, while providing seamless escalation and exception handling during the learning phase. Learn more.

4. Cognitive automation.

The most powerful bots do much more than handle FAQs; they get stuff done by automating workflows. That’s why Rulai’s platform uses a sophisticated action engine to interface with corporate systems like Salesforce, SAP, Oracle, etc. and automate complex tasks.

5. Built for Enterprise scale.

No IT team wants to deal with single-purpose bots proliferating across an organization. That’s why Rulai built a platform that can scale across use cases, while giving IT control over data, security, privacy, scalability, and overall platform governance.


If you have an existing bot, you can migrate it to Rulai, run an AB test, and only pay us when the test is successful. If not, we can help you get started and be up and running within 3 months, guaranteed.

Contact us now to get the process started.