The Secret to Creating AI Chatbots That Solve Real Business Problems

As AI chatbots continue to grow in popularity, there’s a lot of hype about their expansion across industry sectors. However, the conversation rarely delves deep into whether they’re poised to intelligently perform tasks that solve real problems. There’s a good reason for that. Simply put, the majority of companies simply don’t have the resources or manpower to develop AI chatbots that provide game-changing customer experiences.

Recently, one of Rulai’s founding partners, Yi Zhang, wrote an article for Venturebeat: “How to make your chatbot align tightly with business goals.” In it, she explores why AI chatbots historically have failed to make a huge difference in terms of business outcomes. She also discusses the importance of taking chatbots away from engineers and handing them over to domain CX experts to maximize their business potential.

“Why should we place the power in the hands of the CX leader? [The] best person for creating a customer service chatbot [is someone] who has an intimate understanding of or personal experience with direct customer engagement.”

The most successful approach to AI chatbot development is to provide CX leaders with tools to design them so that they can do what they do best — create happy customers. To learn more, check out Yi’s article in Venturebeat.

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